Benefits of Purchasing a Dog Groomer’s Insurance Policy

Insurance for Dog GroomersStarting a professional dog grooming business may conjure up delightful images of spending time transforming shaggy puppies into elegantly sculpted poodles. Animal lovers looking to make a living working with these cuddly creatures may appear to not have a dark cloud about it, but the reality is that this type of career still carries a certain level of risk with it no matter how much experience the business owner may have with man’s best friend and even a degree or certificate in dog grooming.

Insurance is a necessity in a dog grooming business. As a business owner, the goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the customer’s beloved pals and, for the most part, there is a better chance to make it through the day without incidents. However, possible physical damage to a high end purebred’s appearance can agitate the sensitive owner.

There is also the risk of the dog getting loose and running away which would bring a certain level of heartache to the grieving owner. Both cases may require monetary compensation in order to satisfy the disgruntled customer. In addition, illness and disease may be carried by a customer’s dog, even if the dog appears to be in good health. If other dogs become sick, they could blame the dog groomer, and there is liability there, too.

Without preparing for these types of incidents, chances are that the desired grooming business won’t last very long.

A dog groomer’s insurance policy is an excellent way to protect all aspects of the business including the client’s precious family member and the owner themselves from personal injury. Policies can also be adjusted to include coverage of any additional employees.

It’s very important that a dog groomer, no matter how large or small the company is, has a good insurance policy.

Photo: Flickr