Best Ways to Control Dog Shedding

Dogs ShedJust about all dogs shed throughout the year, even those considered “hairless” and some that are hypo allergenic. Shedding is probably the number one complaint from dog owners. No one wants to invite friends over to sit on a hairy couch, walk on a carpet everyone thinks is made from dog hair or go home covered in loose dog fur or hair!

There are ways dog owners can help control shedding between grooming sessions, and hopefully this information can help you and maybe make your home more inviting to friends that don’t own dogs. The professional dog groomer has tools and the skill to take the released undercoat from the dog during the spring. For dogs with full coats, this is best left to the professionals.

In the meantime, daily brushing is a must for any dog. This collects loose hair, removes dirt and debris, and stimulates the skin for a healthy coat. Healthy coats shed far less than unhealthy ones.  I personally use the Furminator, which helps to remove the undercoat of a dog, although I don’t use it on Lucy often enough.

Although many products are marketed on television and the internet as being the ultimate tools, your groomer knows which tool actually works, and which one(s) are right for your dog. Your groomer can recommend the right undercoat rake, slicker brush, shedding comb or other tools for your precious pet. He or she will take the time to show you the proper way to use it and how to handle your dog during daily grooming tasks.

Your groomer’s advice should be taken as seriously as veterinary advice. Your dog’s groomer is an important part of the health care team, not just a beauty salon.

Photo: Flickr