Does NOT Charge Credit Cards

I recently received a report from someone who claimed they had a credit card charge showing as the payment recipient. does NOT have a credit card processing account nor does the website sell any products. Furthermore, has NOT allowed new advertising listings for well over a year.

If you see a credit card charge that lists, it is NOT related to this website or the company that operates the website. You should contact your bank to see if they can tell you who is behind the charge. If it was made fraudulently, you should dispute the charge.

To reiterate, does NOT process credit cards nor has the website ever processed credit cards.

Dog Grooming Franchises

To be a successful dog groomer, you should be fond of dogs. No one wants to do a job one hates, after all. It would also be unfair to the dogs if their groomer disliked them. Dog groomers provide a valuable service to the community of pet owners. In today’s increasingly hectic world, there often simply isn’t time to complete proper grooming of the family pet. If you love dogs, working with them will be its own reward!

The first thing to do is secure proper equipment. Start with an assortment of grooming tools, such as the curry brush, slicker brush, shedding blade, and a good set of canine nail clippers. Study grooming techniques and the needs, unique or otherwise, of different breeds of dog. Also, ensure you have proper tubs for bathing dogs of different sizes. One size most certainly does not fit all. Imagine trying to stuff a mastiff into a tub for a terrier!

Next, it is time to get your feet wet, so to speak. As with any business providing a service, building up clientele is essential. In addition to operating at your business location, visit dog shows with curry brush and tub in hand. Offer your services at a discount. Ensure you do quality work and impress the owners and handlers. Often, if your services are up to snuff, they will do part of your networking for you. Happy customers will spread the word. Once your networking takes root, your business will grow and become quite lucrative.

If you want to expand past a solo operation and open a dog grooming franchise, there are quite a few options available. It must be stressed, however, that franchise operations require substantial startup costs. It would be wise to have a large clientele first before spending $50,000-plus to secure a dog grooming franchise. Once you have done the preliminary work, you’ll want to look into dog grooming franchises.

Here’s a list of pet grooming franchise opportunities:

  • Aussie Pet Mobile
  • Laund-UR-Mutt
  • Pampered Paws
  • Pooch Mobile
  • Barks ‘N Bubbles Pet Spa.

Benefits of Dog Grooming

Whether your dog is small or big, it is important to get him groomed at least every few months. When you take your dog to see a professional groomer, he will make your dog look beautiful and healthy. Grooming your dog will cost you extra money, but it will be worth it. Here are some of the benefits of grooming your dog.

Professional Haircut

Certain dogs, such as Poodles and Yorkshire Terriers, have continuously growing hair and need haircuts often. If they do not get regular haircuts, their hair will start to look very messy. A professional groomer will know exactly how to cut your dog’s hair so that he looks neat and handsome. He will also be able to cut your dog’s hair without accidentally injuring his skin with scissors.

Nail Trimming

It is important for all dogs to get their nailed trimmed regularly. If you allow your dog’s nails to get too long, he can get them caught in the carpet. It is best to let a professional groomer cut his nails because you might cut them too short. A professional groomer will know how to make your dog cooperate so that he does not jump or panic during the process.

Detection of Skin Diseases

An experienced dog groomer will be aware of a dog’s anatomy and be able to detect skin diseases like rashes, discoloration, lesions and bald patches. He will also be able to check for parasites that live under his skin. If these conditions are detected early, you will be much more likely to treat them.

Dead Skin Removal

When a professional grooms your dog, he will remove the dead skin that sits on his coat. Doing this will make his coat look shinier and improve circulation to his skin. Removing dead skin from your dog’s coat is even more important in the winter because the air is very dry.

As you can see, it is very beneficial to take your dog to the groomer at least every few months. If you have never taken your dog to a professional groomer, you should ask your family members or friends for recommendations. Another thing you can do is search for local professional groomers on the Internet.

Wahl Offers Dog Grooming Tips

Wahl is a well known company to most dog groomers. The company sells a line of dog fur clippers that are popular among grooming professionals (both cats and dogs). Wahl set up a channel on YouTube to share some grooming tips for people who use Wahl products. Check out one of their recent videos when you have a chance, and you can learn how to use their products most efficiently and safely.

This video can help you no matter what skill level you are.

Importance of Website Monitoring

For most dog groomers, pet spas, and dog grooming salons, the website is an integral part of business operations. Clients are able to contact the groomer via email and they can also find out important information such as the phone number, address, rates, services, and other important information about the groomer. When the company website goes down, all of this is lost, and many people don’t even know when their website faces downtime.

Below are some of the main problems dog groomers and other businesses face when their website goes down, and to help you, we’ve listed some tools to help monitor your website’s down time.

If your email address is attached to your website, which it usually is, then having website downtime means that you will not receive emails. This means you might miss an email from an important client, or you might miss a scheduled appointment with a new client without knowing about it.

Since email is one of the most common ways for people to communicate with online business owners, missing an email can be devastating.

Your contact information is also visible on your website, and it helps guide customers to your place of business. When your website is down, people will not be able to see your contact info, so they will be unable to hire you for new dog grooming jobs and may make them go elsewhere. This will put them in the arms of your competition, because they won’t be able to see your website. One lost job isn’t such a big deal, but it could be a very big problem if you lose a customer.

Imagine a business closing its doors in the middle of the day, especially when there are customers at the front door. It seems pretty stupid, doesn’t it? This is expensive, because the business will commonly lose those customers. It’s much the same for website down time. Since your website is your business’ virtual front door, if it closes, then your business closes. Some people may even assume your website is down forever, and they will not come back, especially if they make the leap that you’ve closed up shop.

Tools for Monitoring Downtime

You could always monitor downtime by sitting at your computer all day as you constantly reload your website. However, this is impractical. A better way is to use a free website downtime monitoring tool such as or I use the free versions of both for my websites, and I receive an email when any of my sites go down, enabling me to immediately contact my hosting company.

If you rely on your website to bring you business, you should certainly have a website monitoring tool.