Christmas / Holiday Tip for a Dog Groomer

Xmas tip for a dog groomerThe Christmas and holiday season is a time when people dote onto others who have helped them in the past year. Service providers often receive tips as a “thank you” for exceptional service throughout the year.  Your dog groomer should not be an exception to the rule, even if you only take your dog in to be groomed on the holidays.

It is customary to tip your dog groomer somewhere between 10-20% of the total grooming charges after each appointment. For the holidays, you may want to double this tip. You might also give a holiday card with $10-100, depending on the frequency of visits during the year. Gift cards may also be appreciated, but as with everything, cash is king.

The dog grooming salon is a busy place during the Xmas and New Year season. In some cases, you may even be lucky that you were able to make an appointment. Tipping your dog groomer for doing a fabulous job on Fluffy during such a stressful time of the year is very important.

Some people feel that tipping is not something that they need to do if the place they are going is not a frequent stop. However, dog grooming is a service industry, and tipping for exceptional service is the right thing to do.

Like at a restaurant, the price of the tip you leave should be based on the services that you requested. If you came in for a nail clipping only, leave a tip equivalent of the price of a dog treat at an expensive pet store. If you requested the full service of trimming, shampooing, nails, tooth brushing, and the cute Christmas bandanna, a tip that will pay for a full night’s boarding isn’t unreasonable.

If you feel that $20-$40 tip for a full once-a-year service is too much, remember all the time and trouble that the groomer just saved you.

At the end of the day, the thought is what counts, so any tip you give your dog groomer will be very appreciated.

Photo: Flickr