Cost of Dog Grooming in Chicago

Dog grooming in ChicagoFor dog lovers out there, there are many dog grooming services in the greater Chicago area and suburbs. We value our pups and we want the best for them. When searching for a dog groomer, there are several aspects that we should inquire about before we make a decision. We need to know the price, what services are offered, and about any extra services that might be available.

In addition to grooming, some businesses offer boarding, training, photography, daycare, and even transportation. With so many services available, it can be somewhat difficult to decide which grooming service to go with. Price, for some, will be the deciding factor…just as the quality of the service will be the deciding factor for others.

A quick and simple nail trimming can range from $5-$10 depending on where you go. On that same note, you might spend $40-$50 per night when you go away for a few days and need to board your pooch. If your furry friend likes to destroy the furniture while you’re at work, you might opt to take advantage of doggy daycare if your groomer provides this service, which generally ranges from $20-$30.

If by chance you do have problems with your pup’s behavior, you can choose to enroll your pup in training or obedience classes. Those classes have a wide monetary range, again, depending on your groomer. Some classes could be $120 per course. There are a variety of groomers who offer a variety of services. It’s up to you. Your precious pup will thank you!

Photo: Flickr