Cost of Dog Grooming in San Francisco

Dog Groomer in San FranciscoFor San Francisco dog owners, there are endless options available for grooming and pampering your beloved pet. Helping your dog look and feel its best doesn’t have to be expensive, and a wide range of services are available from large pet stores, private groomers and even mobile grooming outfits.

Having a groomer bathe and dry your dog can be extremely inexpensive. A basic bath and speed dry can start at as little as $10.00, and packages including conditioning and flea treatment cost around $20.00. These services are well worth the small price tag, when you consider the time and hassle you’ll be saving.

Services besides just bathing and haircuts can be added at little cost to you, but with big rewards for your pet. Dogs and their owners alike become nervous at the prospect of nail trimming, and a professional groomer can accomplish this routine task quickly and expertly for about $7.00.

Anal gland expression is the process of cleaning a dog’s anal glands, and should not be attempted by the average dog owner. Having your groomer do this once every three months or so can help your dog avoid painful infections, and it costs as little as $10.00. Ear and teeth cleaning are other small kindnesses your dog will be grateful for, and cost about $5.00 each from professional groomers.

Photo: Flickr