Dog Groomer Resume

Dog Grooming JobsFor a dog groomer looking for a job at a dog grooming service or dog spa/salon, he needs to put together a very strong and job-specific resume. The ideal scenario for the aspiring candidate in this field would be if he studied and trained at an accredited dog grooming school. While some dog grooming businesses will allow new dog groomers to learn on the job, the applicant with an extensive dog grooming school background will be favored.

The name of the school attended should be listed, as well as the city, state and dates. Any diplomas, degrees, certificates or licenses earned upon graduation should also be on the resume. If the applicant attended any other colleges or trade schools that have nothing to do with dog grooming, these don’t need to be included on the dog grooming resume. Equally important is if the applicant has any actual work experience working as a dog groomer. Such applicants will also be preferred over those that have no experience.

The applicant with experience should list the name of the business where he groomed dogs, along with the city, state and dates he was employed there. If an applicant has no specific dog grooming work history or formal educational background, he should include the names of some of the dog grooming textbooks and manuals he studied on his own under the education section of the resume. This will show to the prospective employer that he at least has strong ambition and desire to enter the rewarding field of dog grooming, and this will be seen as a positive and a plus when a hiring consideration is being made.

Getting a job in a tough economy is difficult. Having an updated resume that’s easy to read is an important step in finding a good job.

Here’s help finding a dog groomer job.

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