Dog Groomers May Consider Offering Mobile Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming VanProfessional dog grooming has long been offered at groomer’s shops and salons, pet stores, veterinary clinics, and even animal hospitals. A newer idea for professional dog grooming in now used by groomers and salons across the country: mobile grooming. Pet owners are responding positively to mobile dog grooming and find it to be both professional and convenient, and the cost isn’t burdensome.

Benefits of Mobile Grooming for Animals

For dog owners, there are several advantages to using a mobile dog grooming service. First and foremost is an obvious advantage for the dogs, stress reduction. Many dogs become agitated, upset and physically sick to their stomachs when taken out of their environment or in cars. By not riding in a vehicle to an unfamiliar location and being left with a stranger that proceeds to do various things to them, the stress for the animal is greatly reduced. This in turn provides the groomer with caring for a calmer and more relaxed dog, resulting in better hair cuts, nail clippings, bathing and styling. Advantage of note for owner is a relaxed, well groomed dog at home!

Benefits of Mobile Dog Grooming for Groomers

A very important advantage of a mobile dog grooming service is one for new groomers just starting and/or established groomers wishing to expand their business. With a mobile service there is no physical facility overhead costs. There is a need for a good van, truck or vehicle to transport the mobile equipment and to work out of. The vehicle also needs to be mechanically able to cover service areas daily. Established dog groomers who have physical facilities will find by offering mobile grooming services to their clients, they can expand their services and clientele without having to expand their store or shop. Investment in a mobile unit can be quite less expensive than building additions or leasing larger shops.

Benefits of Mobile Grooming for Dog Owners

When a dog needs to be groomed, typically, the dog owner will make an appointment with the groomer to bring the dog to the groomer. Depending on the wait, the owner may choose to wait for the dog to be groomed or may opt to return in a few hours to retrieve the dog. If the owner doesn’t wait, it’s two trips to the groomer, and if the owner does wait, it’s a lot of time to wait. A mobile grooming van that comes to the client’s home saves the dog owner time, car miles, and gas.

Dog groomers may consider offering mobile dog grooming services as a part of their regular services. Much as horse ferriers go to ranches and farms to trim horse hooves and shoe them, dog groomers may start traveling to homes to trim Fido’s nails and do shampoos and cuts. Dog owners appreciate the convenience of mobile groomers and by setting up regular appointments from grooming, it can add revenue for the dog groomer.

Photo: Flickr