Dog Grooming Franchises

To be a successful dog groomer, you should be fond of dogs. No one wants to do a job one hates, after all. It would also be unfair to the dogs if their groomer disliked them. Dog groomers provide a valuable service to the community of pet owners. In today’s increasingly hectic world, there often simply isn’t time to complete proper grooming of the family pet. If you love dogs, working with them will be its own reward!

The first thing to do is secure proper equipment. Start with an assortment of grooming tools, such as the curry brush, slicker brush, shedding blade, and a good set of canine nail clippers. Study grooming techniques and the needs, unique or otherwise, of different breeds of dog. Also, ensure you have proper tubs for bathing dogs of different sizes. One size most certainly does not fit all. Imagine trying to stuff a mastiff into a tub for a terrier!

Next, it is time to get your feet wet, so to speak. As with any business providing a service, building up clientele is essential. In addition to operating at your business location, visit dog shows with curry brush and tub in hand. Offer your services at a discount. Ensure you do quality work and impress the owners and handlers. Often, if your services are up to snuff, they will do part of your networking for you. Happy customers will spread the word. Once your networking takes root, your business will grow and become quite lucrative.

If you want to expand past a solo operation and open a dog grooming franchise, there are quite a few options available. It must be stressed, however, that franchise operations require substantial startup costs. It would be wise to have a large clientele first before spending $50,000-plus to secure a dog grooming franchise. Once you have done the preliminary work, you’ll want to look into dog grooming franchises.

Here’s a list of pet grooming franchise opportunities:

  • Aussie Pet Mobile
  • Laund-UR-Mutt
  • Pampered Paws
  • Pooch Mobile
  • Barks ‘N Bubbles Pet Spa.