Dog Haircut: Clippers vs. Scissors

A professional dog groomer should be adept with both clippers and scissors. Practicing with both is the only way of turning a grooming session with a nervous or impatient dog into talented originality or a frustrated struggle, taking too much time and energy to care about creativity.

There are many different styles of cuts for all breeds of dogs especially the toy breeds. Groomers also take into account the dog’s physical characteristics and try to enhance his good points which play a strong role in how professional the cut appears when it’s finished.

Clippers not only save time but there are just some areas of grooming where the scissors won’t give the same result that clippers will. Clippers come in different sizes and can be an asset in the little curves and folds that need to be cleaned up. Also, clippers remove the bulk of the hair before the detailing begins.

Scissors detail parts of the dog’s coat that clippers fail to do. They play a vital part in smooth lines and clipping those stray hairs that remain. Scissors are the shaping instrument for most groomers.

Both scissors and clippers come in a wide range of prices and both follow the clique: you get what you pay for. It is worth the extra cost to buy tools that will last longer and will perform better. Quality grooming tools can mean the difference between a beautiful animal and a completely frustrating failure. Research and buy proven, satisfaction-guaranteed grooming equipment and enjoy the success.