Have Your Dirty Dog Groomed

Get Your Dog GroomedDuring the summer, it doesn’t matter whether it’s raining or not, it seems like whenever I take my dog to the dog run (usually Riverside Park on the Upper West Side of NYC), she gets completely muddy and dirty! This certainly isn’t due to the precipitation or lack there of, but it has to do with her getting soaking wet from a hose or water bottle, and then deciding that it’s necessary to roll around in the gravel and dirt until she is sufficiently caked in mud. It’s quite humorous, but enough to go crazy!

Although there haven’t been any special occasions that have made it necessary to take Lucy to the dog groomer, these summer exploits have caused us to get her groomed more often than usual. Instead of having to deal with her squirming in the kitchen sink as we clean the mud from her fur, we bring her to the groomer and they give her a bath to make sure she’s clean. They also trim her nails and keep her ears clean (and dry).

I don’t know if Lucy enjoys visiting the grooming salon, but I certainly like taking her there much more than I enjoy washing and cleaning her!

If you have a dog that loves to get muddy, or if you have a dog with long fur, you should book your appointment with a local dog groomer or mobile grooming service. Keep your dog smelling fresh, looking good, and staying as cool as possible during the long and hot summer months.

Photo: Flickr