How Often Should a Boxer be Groomed?

Boxer groomingBecause of their smooth, short coats that need no trimming, boxer grooming is typically fast and easy. Boxers usually keep themselves fairly clean, but there are still some regular grooming duties to keep in mind if you own a boxer.

Most of the dirt that accumulates in a boxer’s fur can be removed once or twice a week with a firm bristle brush, followed by a soft brush to smooth out the coat. A towel or bath wipe may also be used to rub their fur clean; the ears, facial wrinkles, and areas between the toes can be cleaned with a soft Q-tip.

Boxers should not be bathed more than once or twice in a month, as their skin is very sensitive and easily prone to dryness and itching; it is important to use only warm water and a mild dog shampoo. You may wish to take your dog to the dog groomer to ensure that your dog is cleaned well and doesn’t injure you or himself, as many dogs do not like to be washed.

A boxer’s nails should be cut every 2 to 4 weeks, ideally before bathing, and many boxers respond better to a nail grinder than a clipper; for those uncomfortable with nail cutting, a professional groomer may handle this as well.

While regular tooth brushing should be done every day, a professional dental cleaning is recommended for boxers once per year to remove tartar from your dog’s teeth. Dog toothbrushes and toothpaste can be found in pet stores or online at a shop like

Photo: Flickr