How Often Should a Dog be Groomed?

Dog GroomersWhen it comes to determining how frequently a dog should be groomed, some of the things that should be considered are the breed, the dog’s lifestyle, and the type of coat the dog has. Some breeds, especially those with longer coats, will benefit with a daily brushing. Others may need a good brushing only two or three times a week, while even other breeds can be brushed as little as once a week. It really depends on the length of their coat.

On the average, most dog breeds will need to be groomed every 4 – 8 weeks. Dogs that have long coats that become matted easily will benefit from being groomed more often. Following a regular grooming routine will help to keep the animal’s skin and coat healthy as well as helping to prevent the fur from becoming matted down.

Most dogs can be bathed on a regular weekly schedule, although many dog owners choose a monthly schedule. It is important to use products that are suited for a dog’s sensitive skin. Using shampoos and products that are intended for human use might smell nice but can cause drying, irritated skin and flaking. If ignored, this can lead to other, more serious skin conditions.

Many times, dogs will not enjoy being groomed, especially the first few times. Once they have settled into a regular routine of grooming and brushing, they will learn to enjoy the experience. Some owners will prefer to do it themselves while others prefer to leave it to the professionals. No matter what method you choose, your dog will thank you.

Dog Grooming Tips: