How Often Should a Poodle be Groomed?

Poodle groomingMost poodle owners are fanatics about maintaining their dog’s appearances, and this is no surprise, given the beautiful results that can arise from good grooming habits.

Grooming a poodle is very important, and though there are varying opinions on appropriate schedules, a good general rule is that poodles ought to be groomed around every three to five weeks for maximum results. This does not mean that you can slack off, however, as you need to brush a poodle every day to keep the long hair these dogs have free from tangling and matting, which can be harmful to a poodle’s coat.

If your poodle is a puppy, expect to spend more time grooming and brushing, as their hair will become tangled much faster than an adult’s will. If you don’t devote a good deal of time to professional and at home grooming routines your dog will grow to absolutely despise visiting the dog groomer.

A professional dog groomer or grooming salon can also provide other necessary grooming services including shampoos, nail clipping, teethbrushing (which should be done as often as possible), ear cleaning, and other good health and hygiene services.

Grooming can be a frightening experience for any pup or adult dog, so it’s good to ensure that yours is well-experienced with working with the breed you own and that they are able to provide a full service beautifying routine. This way your dog will get used to the tools, location and process, making it all much less frightening.

Photo: Flickr