How Often Should a Yorkshire Terrier be Groomed?

Tips to groom a yorkie.Though all dogs require grooming at some point, some dogs require more frequent grooming. The Yorkshire Terrier falls into the latter category, needing daily care to remain healthy and happy.

A Yorkshire Terrier has a single coat of hair, much like a human’s hair, that requires the use of a pin brush. The coat should be gently brushed daily to remove tangles and avoid matting. The dog should be checked for large tangles or mats. Any large tangles and mats can often be worked out by hand, without brushing. The dog can then be gently brushed, and most Yorkie owners should be able to do this without assistance.

The Yorkie’s teeth should be brushed daily to avoid tartar build up, and their ears should be regularly checked for signs of infection, such as irritation, foul smell, or discharge. If signs of infection are present, an otic cleansing solution should be used, and any excess should be wiped away with a soft cloth. The veterinarian may provide medication for use if infections become frequent or severe. Additionally, regular monthly nail clippings / trimmings are recommended.

Yorkshire Terriers do not generally receive a full hair cut when they are groomed, but they often have their ears, their inner ears, the pads of their feet, and their anal area trimmed for health and hygiene purposes. The dog should also be shampooed weekly, lightly conditioned, then finished with a ribbon topknot. A professional dog groomer is best suited for cuts and styling.

Photo: Flickr