How Often Should You Groom Your Beagle?

Groom a beagleSince beagles typically have shorter hair, they do not require professional grooming as often as many other breeds of dog. Frequent bathing can dry out the sensitive skin that beagles are known to have, so most dog groomers recommend that a beagle be bathed bi-weekly.

Some beagles are frightened by running water. If this is the case, you can fill the tub before you bring your pet into the bathroom. The water temperature should be warm, not hot. Test the water on your wrist. If it feels hot to you, it will be too hot for your dog. During bath time, wipe your pet’s eyes with either a wash cloth or eye wipes that are made especially for dogs.  If you are having a tough time with this, it’s probably best to have your dog professionally groomed.

Beagles are known for being clean dogs. Regular brushing will remove dirt as well as reduce the amount of shedding. Brushing weekly is recommended, especially during the spring when the dog will shed the most. The Furminator is a great tool to help keep your beagle’s fur brushed and to also reduce shedding around your house.

It is also important that you pay attention to your Beagle’s ears. They should be checked at bath time, every two weeks, for signs of ear mites and ear infections. You should also look for and pluck any long hairs. If they are left behind, they can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Dog groomers will clean your dog’s ears, and they will also trim your dog’s nails, which is also an important grooming service.

Brushing your beagle’s teeth is an important regular habit that should be formed to avoid dental problems in the future. You can use a dog toothbrush and toothpaste found at pet supply stores.

Photo: Flickr