How to Remove Hair Knots from a Dog

Removing mats from a dog’s coat can be frustrating and difficult. Oils from the animals skin, loose hair, dirt and debris all come together to form mats. Without shaving the dog or trying to pull the mats out, which cause the dog pain, mat removal is a matter of method, patience and time.

Here’s a tip to getting a knot or mat from a dog’s fur:

Using a pair of grooming scissors, a small wire brush and your hands, gently take hold of a mat. Talk to the dog to keep it calm. With the scissors, cut the mat with the direction of the hair. Pull the two pieces gently in the direction of the dog’s skin. If the mat loosens, great. With the wire brush, begin at the mat tips and gently brush. Hold the mat with one hand, the brush with the other. Loose hair should start to come out. If not, make another cut from the tip of the mat towards the dog’s skin. Never cut where you can’t see, and never let the scissors get close to the dog. Again, pull the mat apart gently. Pick up the wire brush and repeat the process.

The dog’s safety and comfort is paramount, not expediency for the groomer. When finished, you should be able to complete the grooming process with a regular dog brush. Finish with bathing and drying the dog. The process is slow but worth it.