Mobile Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming VanPet lovers know that welcoming a dog into your life is a labor of love. Dogs, like other family members, require that attention be paid to their health, their appearance, and their emotions. No person can feel his or her best if they aren’t clean and well-groomed. When humans seek out healthcare and grooming, we look for the most comfortable environment possible.

Who would prefer a salon known for fast, rough treatment focused on servicing as many clients as possible over a day spa where one-on-one quality attention is offered? Mobile dog grooming services offer this kind of attentive care, in view of your pet’s favorite place: home.

Mobile dog groomers come to the pet owner’s home and offer an array of grooming services that are as vast and specialized as those found in a traditional groomer’s. Dogs are cared for in fully-equipped grooming vans in their own driveway. Groomers bathe the dog in stainless steel tubs, dry them by hand, clip nails, clean teeth, brush and cut coats. Just as is standard practice for brick-and-mortar groomers, clients of a mobile dog groomer may have a variety of services performed, depending on the groomer’s expertise, for a range of fees.

Dogs must be up-to-date with their vaccines. A groomer might customize a vehicle into a rolling dog salon, or choose to be part of a franchise such as Wag’n Tails, which provides van conversions specific to the pet grooming business.

Choosing a mobile dog groomer often comes down to the convenience factor. People are busy. Pet owners sometimes live in rural areas far away from a groomer. It’s proven that the elderly benefit greatly from pet ownership, but they frequently have mobility issues, or are restricted in where they can drive. The convenience of a mobile pet service is, for many, an invaluable one.

Many clients are attracted by the comforting and personal environment of the grooming van. Skittish dogs who don’t enjoy a trip away from home are put at ease when they’re groomed in familiar territory. Groomers offer treats and toys to calm the dogs, and even allow favorite toys or treats to be given by the pet owner.

In a mobile grooming van, only one dog is cared for at a time. There are no cages filled with nervous dogs awaiting their turn in the tub. Mobile grooming services are typically more expensive than traditional grooming, but the care for your dog is also more tailored and attentive. The focus of a visit to the mobile groomer is on making the experience a pleasant one for the dog.

Mobile dog groomers can be found in practically every city and town. The fastest way to find a mobile groomer and to obtain the most information is the internet, but don’t forget to check pet store bulletin boards and look for brochures in vet’s offices. While specific licensing is not required in every state, many groomers are graduates of state-approved grooming programs and will disclose this on their website.

Photo: Flickr