Moving Out With Mobile Dog Grooming

Mobile dog grooming is one of the hottest trends in the pet care and pet grooming industry. Many groomers today have a store front, operate out of a veterinarian’s office, or have home-based businesses, but members of the mobile grooming industry have discovered a unique niche. With mobile dog grooming, the groomer goes to the client, not the other way around.

Mobile Dog grooming can be performed in a specially outfitted van, or the groomer can take his/her supplies and equipment in a vehicle to the site for service. Clients like the convenience of having their pets pampered right at home, and this service eliminates the need to run back and forth for owners.

When a pampered pooch is beautiful, both owner and pet can relax, not take another car ride across town. Pets usually experience less stress having grooming procedures performed on them at or near their own homes, and this scenario makes having the groomer come more like having a friend visit them, not an adventure in a scary, new place.

The cost for mobile grooming is about the same as with a shop, and as usual, a reliable groomer deserves a generous tip for his/her artistry. The quality of a groom anywhere is as good as the groomer, so this service is comparable to a shop groomer. Bandanas, bows, nail polish, all of the frills are available from a mobile groomer. If only humans had this luxury!