Painting a Dog’s Toenails

Painting a dog's toe nailsPeople paint the nails of their dogs much for the same reason they might get it a quirky haircut or leash they think is cute. It’s just a way of personalizing a dog and making it unique, not unlike how one would customize one’s own style with makeup and accessories.

Although painting a dog’s nails may seem a little silly, it’s not that rare. There are even special paints specifically for pets, including dogs and cats, for people who want to do it. However, you can use normal finger nail paint on animals, too; just make sure they aren’t able to lick it while the paint dries. If you use normal paint, you can remove it the same way you would on a human, but again make sure that the dog doesn’t eat any of it. Wash the formerly painted paws afterward.

If you want to use dog nail polish, you can get it online or at specialty pet stores. It is a little pricey, but not outrageously so. Be sure to follow any directions that come with the paint on how to apply and remove it. Some dog groomers and grooming salons offer nail painting as a special service.

Dogs generally don’t mind the paint, though they might lick at it a little after it dries. This isn’t a huge concerns, but if the dog seems distressed by it you should remove the paint.

Photo: Flickr