Popular Dog Haircuts

Dog grooming is fast becoming a popular pampering method for many four legged friends. And in some cases, cutting a dog’s fur can even improve the health of your dog. This is especially true if your dog has a long coat and you live in an overly hot and humid climate. While many of us brush and wash our dogs on a weekly basis, it’s always a good idea to get their fur cut regularly. This helps to cut down on the amount of mats your dog has, cool them during the summer months, and keep them from shedding all over the house. Knowing which haircut is right for your dog is also a vital step when taking them to the groomer’s or doing it yourself.

The puppy cut is one of the most popular haircuts to get for young and active long-haired puppies. This particular cut trims the coat to be shorter than the breed standard, yet it is all one length. The Shih Tzu is one breed that does very well when getting the puppy cut, which is also sometimes referred to as the kennel cut. Another popular hair cut is the spaniel cut, which is ideally used for Cocker Spaniels. This cut was designed with a Cocker Spaniels long coat in mind. The body will be cut medium short, the head will be cut very short, and there will be enough undercoating beneath the body to give off a feathered look. This particular haircut is necessary when it concerns the breed standard used in dog shows.

The Poodle is one breed that many people are familiar with, mainly because of the array of different hairstyles it can be seen with. The truth of the matter is that there are many different clips for your Poodle’s thick, curly hair and no matter what cut you get, it will be referred to as the Poodle clip. Most of these styles will be thick and bushy, almost resembling puffballs. Terriers also have a cut all their own, which is known as the Terrier clip. This particular haircut is defined by a shaved body and long facial hair.

All of the breeds just described do well with getting their fur cut regularly. In fact, if you plan on showing your dog, these cuts are absolutely necessary. However, there are some breeds that do not do well when it comes to having their hair cut in odd styles and shapes. Dogs who’s coats grow in one, solid and thick length and which stays that length should not get their hair cut. These dogs, which include Pugs and German Shepherds, are actually insulated by their long and thick coat. It is also important to remember that once you shave your dog’s fur, their coat will grow in differently. The exact color of their hair will not be what it once was because it grows back softer and thinner.

No matter which breed of dog you have, many will definitely benefit from having regular grooming sessions, which may not necessarily mean a clipping. Depending on your dog’s breed, a professional groomer will be able to instruct you on which particular haircut is right for your dog. Knowing the breed standard also helps you decide on how to cut your dog’s hair