Removing Tear Stains from Dogs

Dog Tear StainWhen dogs tear up, their tears may stain their hair or skin, and it can be unsightly after some time. The tears turn a pinkish or brownish color, making it quite noticeable on light colored dogs. Stains turn this color due to the combination of tears, dirt, and bacteria that is on the dog’s skin or hair.

There are a few things that cause dogs to tear up, but since this isn’t a veterinarian’s blog, we’ll stick to discussing how you can remove the tear stains causing the tint to your dog’s coat or skin.

There are eye scrubs and cleansers for tear stains that can be found at your local pharmacy or store. Some people use home remedies or herbal remedies. A mixture of corn flour and water can do the trick, but if you are worried about using food or other ingredients, then herbs may be great ways of getting rid of tear stains. Chamomile, calendula and goldenseal fight bacteria and help heal wounds and infections. There are many products on the market that can remove tear stains on dog’s skin and hair.

As with all herbal remedies for pets or people, you should probably ask your veterinarian if it’s safe to use with your dog before you use them. If your dog has many allergies, you might want to hold off, but you should definitely ask a vet or vet tech.

Another solution to the tear stain problem is cutting the fur or hair away from the dog’s eyes (carefully!) and continuing to maintain this. You’ll want to wash the under coat as well.  You may want to use the services of a dog groomer when doing this, or perhaps in lieu of any home remedy. This will likely be the best and safest method.

It is very important to keep your dog healthy and well groomed to avoid the discoloration of tear stains. Tear stains are not harmful or life threatening to your pet, so there should be no worry or concern about this. Simple medication, treatments or herbs can usually do the trick and remove the pink or brownish color to your beautiful dog’s fur or skin. Whether you apply them or hire a groomer is your call.

Photo: Flickr