Become a Dog Groomer

Grooming a DogFor those who like animals, becoming a dog groomer is a wonderful career choice. There are numerous dog owners who are willing to pay a lot of money to have their dogs groomed and pampered. Despite being a wonderful business, it is not always easy to begin the process of learning to become a groomer.

The first step is to take classes at a dog grooming school (or pet grooming school) in order to learn about dog grooming and how to pamper people’s pets. The majority of locations in the U.S. offer grooming schools with wonderful accredited programs. Another choice would be to go to the local community college and take classes in grooming. A certificate in the subject will not require much time but would certainly be sufficient to begin work in a local grooming service.

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Before beginning your own business, it is probably beneficial to work for an already established service. This way, you can become more familiar with how a grooming office is run so that you will be better able to start your own company in the future. Additionally, once you have more experience, individuals will be more likely to patronize your service once you start your own.

After you have developed your expertise, you should search for a location for your grooming service. It is best to start with a small business and then develop further. In short, start with a booth at a grooming salon or have a “from home” business. Make sure that you choose a location which is comfortable and has good lighting. Ensure that you balance your budget with the equipment that you will need to make the experience good for both the dog and your client.

After you have found a location, think about how to advertise your business. If you can afford it, taking a couple advertising classes is an excellent idea. Once you are familiar with the process, put some advertisements in the paper, put flyers in stores which cater to pets, and discuss your business with as many people as you can. Internet advertising on sites like is very important.

When you are starting out with your dog grooming business, you should most likely charge less than your local competitors so that you will attract clients to your service. You can feel free to raise your pricing once you have established a clientele with your services, skills, and knowledge and have gained some experience. This can be done simply by running a quick online search of the local groomers and seeing how much they charge their clients.

In short, dog grooming is a service which is in high demand and can be a highly lucrative business. It is a particularly great idea for those who are looking for part-time jobs, such as working moms.