Dog Grooming Services

Dog GroomingToday’s dog grooming services offer much more than just a shampoo and cut. The most basic service is a shampoo, blow dry and cut. Flea treatments can be administered during the shampoo. An exfoliating, moisturizing scrub is helpful for dogs who suffer from dry itchy skin. Some dog groomers offer a conditioning treatment that gives the dog a glossy, rich-colored coat. Dogs with longer hair may require a precision scissor cut. Precision cuts may be used most textures, coarse or silky, curly or straight. Many groomers will complete little Fifi or Fido’s new “do” with a ribbon or bow if desired.

Pet owners with allergies often opt for the deshedding treatments that many dog groomers offer. The purpose of a deshedding treatment is to minimize a dog’s excess fur and dander, thus removing the allergens that trigger an allergic response in dog owners. Deshedding treatments also reduce excess matting in dogs with longer or thicker fur. Many dog groomers offer facials for dogs that are effective in removing the under-eye staining that can occur in dogs with light-colored fur.

Grooming does not stop at the hair. Neatly trimmed nails are a must for the well groomed canine. Keeping a dog’s nails trimmed helps to prevent painful infection due to split or overgrown nails. Trimmed nails also prevent gait problems. Many dog groomers offer paw pad cleaning in addition to nail trimming. And the well accessorized dog will want her nails painted to match her hair bow! Most dog groomers offer tooth and ear cleaning services. Tooth cleaning is essential in the prevention of plaque build-up on teeth which can lead to tooth decay, tooth pain, and even tooth loss. Tooth cleaning also aids in the prevention of bad breath. Excess wax and hair is removed during ear cleaning to prevent painful infections or annoying ear mites.

Groomers may have an assortment of items for the well polished pooch including t-shirts, decorative collars, and doggie designer totes. A trip to the groomer can be akin to a day at a spa for the pampered pooch!

Mobile dog grooming is also a popular way for dogs to get groomed. Many dog groomers, salons, and spas have outfitted vans and trucks with grooming equipment and stalls, allowing them to travel to their clients’ homes for grooming sessions. Mobile dog grooming has become a popular way for groomers to reach clients.