Tipping Your Dog Groomer

Dog Groomer TipsTaking your dog to a grooming salon is an important part of pet care. When it comes to tipping groomers for their services, you might be wondering what’s appropriate and whether you should even tip them at all. Typically, salons recommend that you tip their employees and for good reasons.

If your dog groomer does a good job and you like the results, leave a tip to show your appreciation. Groomers work hard and often their salaries are based on commission. It’s important to keep in mind that the salon will probably take a large percentage of your payment before giving the rest to your groomer. Some salons don’t pay their employees a lot because they assume that the clients will leave tips.

Naturally, groomers remember clients that tip. While they are professionals who always do their best, they will pay extra attention to the needs of your pet. They are more likely to remember exactly what your dog’s unique needs are if you show that you appreciate their hard work.

How much you tip depends on your personal budget and how you feel about the results. Any tip is appreciated, but a good benchmark is between 10% – 20%, with the higher amount being more common in some places. If you feel that your groomer did an exceptional job, you can give a bit more, especially if you’re a regular customer.

Whether you tip your dog groomer is up to you. Remember, groomers work hard and if you are pleased with how your pet was treated, tipping is a great way to show your appreciation.

Photo: Flickr