Using the FURminator

Furminator Deshedding ToolThe FURminator is a safe and effective pet grooming tool that greatly reduces shedding. The patented design reaches down to the undercoat of a dog, the area that most other grooming tools neglect. Quick and easy to use, the FURminator removes the undercoat and loose hairs without injuring or cutting the animal’s topcoat. I use the FURminator on my 2 year old puggle, Lucy and she doesn’t mind when we “furminate” her.

Grooming should be a positive time for the dog and dog owner. Start first in short time intervals, and increase the time as you go. For best results, the animal should be clean and dry when grooming with the FURminator. If static is produced, use a light mist of water over the coat. Short strokes will help avoid excess pressure that can cause skin irritation. Grooming should always be done in the direction of the pet’s hair growth. It is best to use the FURminator in an area that will be easy to clean up.

Because every animal has a different shedding cycle, the cycle, breed, and hair type should be considered when determining the frequency of grooming a pet. Typically, dogs with double coats or long hair should be groomed daily, while short hair breeds can be groomed once a week.

The FURminator removes excess hair safely and easily. The less your pet sheds, the less hair you have on your clothes, furniture, and in your home.