Why A Professional Dog Groomer Should Offer Mobile Dog Grooming

Mobile Dog GroomerDog grooming has become big business. But almost every dog grooming salon and shop can improve and expand its business even more by offering mobile dog grooming services. Instead of relying on customers to visit the shop, the groomer can go directly to the customer’s home or place of work for dog grooming services.

Many people simply can’t get to a dog grooming shop. They might not have a car. Or they might not have a car that’s large enough to carry their big dog. Other people just don’t want to deal with the time and hassle of driving to the groomers. Some dogs get car sick very easily and are unable to drive even short distances.

Some pet owners only want the very best for their pets. They often feel that when their pets are placed in an unfamiliar environment, such as a dog grooming office, it’ll make them too uncomfortable. They don’t want to subject their pets to this nervous tension so they elect to have the mobile groomer come over. Additionally, some dogs become agitated and even aggressive when out of their own comfort zone – like a dog grooming salon or pet shop.

Another reason is that many pet owners want to watch their pets getting groomed. This usually can’t be the case when taking your pet to a grooming shop, since all grooming is done in the back. By being able to watch the process, they feel more in control. They know that if they don’t like a certain aspect of the groom, they can intervene and tell the groomer more what they’re looking for.

A dog grooming salon or independent dog groomer should consider offering a mobile dog grooming service. The start up costs to purchase the equipment may be high, but the convenience of a mobile dog grooming van may bring many more customers.

Keep in mind that additional dog groomer insurance coverage may be required!

Photo: Flickr